UnitMiner is a web data extraction service that is able to deliver data as requested with a 100% accuracy and as often as needed. It’s sophisticated software that uses a scripting language to do the automated job and radically shortens the development process. UnitMinter has a high level of flexibility – the scripting language is able to handle minor modifications in document structures without any maintenance work. All of this for a reasonable price.

The software is able to deliver data exactly according to your needs. Data can be gathered and received as often as you need it and with 100% accuracy. Our services take advantage of the UnitMiner software and the skills of our experienced programmers. UnitMiner is a sophisticated technology that develops your custom data extraction application quickly and effectively, with 100% accuracy.

Why UnitMiner?

Since the explosion of the World Wide Web, a huge amount of data became available online. In general, users retrieve web data by browsing and searching for keywords. Even though all searches produce links, there are limitations and disadvantages in their methodology. Data on the internet is not structured as it would be in databases. Data extraction is all about gathering and formatting data in the way it’s desired.

Methods of web data extraction

Data extraction is the ability to retrieve data from the web and to transform and transfer it in a pre-determined way to websites, XML files, databases, and spreadsheets.

All websites are assembled differently. Data is presented in many ways and the structure of data can change significantly from one website to another. Additionally, websites use different encoding and different HTML elements to display their content. This is the first challenge for web extraction tools: the ability to extract data from various resources.

A traditional way to extract data from the web comes in the form of programs called “wrappers”. Getting a “wrapper” program to decipher data is often a hit or miss situation and is often difficult to maintain.

Web Extraction Service - Data Delivery

We will develop a custom data extraction application that will run on our servers and deliver your requested data in a specified format.

We can extract:

  • Any website on the internet
  • Login/password-protected areas
  • Dynamic pages
  • Secure sites
  • Text files

Data outputs:

  • Text file, flat file
  • Database
  • Excel, CSV file
  • Custom output


We keep our prices minimal, therefore the pricing can vary from project to project. Ask us for a free quote for your project.

Sample project pricing

A standard website application involves the following actions:

  • login to website
  • navigation to search/report page
  • the entry of form data (unlimited fields) - e.g. date ranges, catalog numbers from a text file or database
  • extraction of specified data from the output/report page
  • logout

Data Actions include saving extracted data to a text, spreadsheet, database, XML, HTML or other files. The cost for the above application would be $240.

The above-mentioned price includes the initial consultation, requirements consultation, a tested customized application, and unlimited email support. In case your project requirements are different or require more work, the rate will be adjusted accordingly. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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